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I was drawn into photography during my days studying Fine Art at Limestone College in the United States. Between the inspiration and creativity of the course, and being exposed to all the experiences that travelling a new country has to offer, I wanted to share my experiences with friends and family through photos.

I became increasingly frustrated by the limits of my point-and-shoot film camera, and not being able to accurately capture and share what I was seeing.

One day I was asked to do a shoot for our college contestant in the Miss South Carolina pageant and was handed the school’s SLR. That was it, I was hooked! The ability to frame accurately, change lenses, zoom…..I could start having more control over the way I captured the travel life around me.

Photographing in those days was a different process, given it was purely analogue. I think I learnt a lot and thought through my photography in more depth in those early days, as shooting print film and then slide film, is a lot less forgiving (and more expensive) then today’s age of digital.

Since then my passion for photography has matched my passion for travel, and I would never consider going on any trip without a camera….or 4! My standard travel kit is 2 x DSLRs, 3 x lenses, an all-weather compact, and a drone. If I’m diving, or shooting sports or wildlife, the list goes up!

Photography and travel inspire each other reciprocally for me, and I hope my images inspire people to see for themselves, or appreciate our world, and conserve the amazing places we have.

I am available for events, sports and commissioned shoots, so don’t hesitate to contact me to discuss your requirements and flexible pricing options.

Typically pricing starts at $3300 for 6 hours coverage, and $2200 for half day coverage.

I’m based in Melbourne, Australia but travel interstate and overseas, so no matter what you are planning, I would love to hear from you.

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